Sitemap - 2023 - Gotham by Susan Dyer Reynolds

Member of Reparations Committee served restraining order after threatening coworkers

Hypocrite Hill is more like Mount Everest for this year’s oxygen deprived nominees

3 Bat Thursday: Walton loses reparations office but gets free 49er tickets and a waterfront park; Ronen's favorite gang member caught in extortion scheme; Reno beating homeless crisis

Three Bat Friday: Bad media moves, jerky judges, and Shamann Walton's no-bid shipyard contract

Three Bat Friday, The Supervisor Edition: Walton focuses on standup comedy career; Safaí poison pills police funding; Ronen's mini mansions; Peskin hot mic 'horse's ass'

Break-in duo worked for DPW, earning nearly $700,000 while still committing crimes

Wherefore art thou Juliet Ellis?

Elections Commissioner Cynthia Dai working with political allies to reshape redistricting maps

Three Bat Friday: Public defenders want judge removed for jailing dealers; City Attorney and Admin suspend Dwayne Jones on contracts they signed; Supe calls for HealthRight 360 audit

Three Bat Friday: Shamann's mentor goes to jail; Preston's in-laws blame the drunk girl; S.F. Police Commission wants to eliminate foot pursuits

Three Bat Tuesday: Ninth Circuit to hear homeless appeal; woman steals bottle of Prosecco to survive; defund the Bike Coalition

Three Bat Thursday: Out of the frying pan into the fire for Mayor Breed; 'progressive' supervisors shocked to discover it's illegal to open a drug den

Colleague on Jennifer Friedenbach: 'She doesn’t want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg'

Three Bat Thursday: It's 'batsy' on both sides of the Bay

Inaugural Three-Dot Thursday: In honor of the great Herb Caen, we’re going back to school — old school, that is…

Where's Dwayne Jones?

Harlan Kelly Heads to Court

A gay icon is living in fear because of a Twitter meme

SFMTA moves forward with Valencia Street center bike lane despite 13% approval rating

Urban Alchemy requests additional $10 million on top of initial $3.1 million in funding

Family faces 18th parole hearing for killer of Frank Carlson, asks for public's help

Trafficked Hondurans forced to sell drugs in San Francisco is a myth

Supervisor Hillary Ronen asked a judge to release Mission gang member from probation

Ramsey the Ringer

Dean Preston started a tenant rights group the same year his in-laws evicted a tenant

Husband of police commissioner Cindy Elias worked on S.F. cases after her appointment