Sitemap - 2022 - Gotham by Susan Dyer Reynolds

A word to San Francisco’s newly elected supervisors, and the inaugural Hypocrite Hill Awards

Judge Donna Ryu bans S.F. from clearing homeless camps, but lives in Albany where homeless camps are illegal

The grift that keeps on giving

Is John Hamasaki fit to serve as San Francisco’s top cop?

From tax liens to credit card lawsuits, John Hamasaki's personal finances are a mess

San Francisco still needs big change

Supervisor Dean Preston sold Mendocino nature preserve to founder of firm with city contracts

Former DA Chesa Boudin accepted $250,000 gift from USF School of Law Racial Justice Clinic

Deeds swapped between Victor Makras and former mayor Willie Brown after Makras arrest

Teflon Shamann

Where does Shamann Walton live?

Boudin’s exit marked by spite, hypocrisy, and misogyny

Boudin’s scorched-earth legacy

San Francisco Shakedown: Problems at the Port

Problems at the port: Introduction

DA Chesa Boudin recalled, leaving behind a disgraceful legacy

Two more former prosecutors come forward, this time about a Boudin plea deal that set a killer free

Over 75% of felony firearms cases dismissed, discharged, or diverted under SFDA Chesa Boudin

The mansion that fentanyl built

Chesa Boudin sent hundreds of violent offenders to diversion — and he has no idea where they are

‘There is a massive change in this City and no one is watching out for the long term residents’

Yes, sir, it’s time for you to go

Former SFDA investigator files ethics complaint against Chesa Boudin's managing attorney Lateef Gray and his wife, Police Commission vice president Cindy Elias

Homelessness nonprofits are big business in San Francisco, and ties to City Hall run deep

How Chesa Boudin's idea of justice reform led to the death of Kelvin Chew

Victimizers over victims

Chesa Boudin released Troy McAlister because ‘he worked hard and got his GED in jail'

Case update: The murder of Ed French

Smear campaign against Shahid Buttar smacks of racism

Family of Ed French worries Chesa Boudin will accept plea deals for his killers

Despite years of ethical missteps and ties to corruption, the city keeps giving him millions

Stephanie Ching helped kill and dismember her father, but she didn't spend a single day in jail

Two-time attempted murderer released in San Francisco kills two people in Hayward