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Why do you care, Susan.?

Our City government cares not. as it showed a couple of years ago, when then Assessor Chu was shown...repeatedly loweing the Assessment on her own personal residence, over and over. Assessment expert , Peter Fatooh.. compiled all the evidence and took it "door to door" in City Hall , trying to get some "traction" on accountability.. for Ms. Chu. .. Result: Zero, Zilch, Nada.,,,] Our City government is "so bought off"...that they all just "dummy up" until the complainant just "throws in the towel. .

Remember the "punishment" the Supervisors meted out to Mayor Newsom foe using his Mayoral Desk , literally, far his doing the "horizontal tango" with his campaign manager's wife?

You do not remember, as THERE WAS ZERO Punishment. Zero.

SF is "Anything Goes Town"

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