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It never ends. Like a loose thread!!!

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Senator Feinstein needs to pull the nomination of Ismail Ramsey as US Attorney for the Northern California District.

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Hi Susan,

Unrelated subject:

I am a member and volunteer at a North Beach Senior Support Organization. It has been my observation they are using Dept. of Aging and Disability Support money to run a snooty NB Junior League, at the disadvantage of low income seniors. They purposely price events so low income people can't afford to attend (lunches $40 a pop w/o alcohol0. All the activities are very elitists and appeal to upper income people. There a lots of events that cost nothing but are not easily accessible by poor and immobile seniors. If this a story that appeals to you, please reach out to me at parinarichard8@gamail.com.

Really enjoyed your work on the Ramsey case and $25 million the grifters are getting illegally, by not being State Certified..

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