Two studies show programs were in deep trouble years before Boudin took office
Letter to Mayor London Breed expresses frustration with ‘30-40+ drug sellers’ on Eddy and Polk streets
Why I support Yes on H and the recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin
Jeffrey Pailet accuses the couple of sharing information about him and an underlying investigation in which Lateef Gray had a financial interest
From lying about the Linkage Center's success to appointing a nonprofit director to a board that decides funding, conflicts of interest abound
SFDA dropped 11 firearm felonies down to one misdemeanor, releasing Zion Young just two months before the murder
Despite five subsequent arrests, SFDA filed no new charges leading up to New Year's Eve 2020 deaths of Hanako Abe and Elizabeth Platt
Media coverage may have kept San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin from removing special circumstances in film location scout's callous killing …
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